I'm Mathew Jedeikin, though some people may know me by my pre-marital name: Mathew Guiver.

I was born here in Sacramento, and raised throughout the greater Sacramento area. After graduating from Bella Vista High School, I got my Bachelor’s degree from Sac State when I was only nineteen. Following years of being a teenage entrepreneur, I became a Sacramento small business owner in my early twenties when I opened a digital marketing consulting firm.


After relocating to San Francisco for work, I returned to Sacramento with a husband, a child, a cat, and backyard chickens. Every day my son and I walk the streets of Land Park, stopping to admire the trees as they change with the seasons. I love this city, and can’t think of a more fulfilling and humbling job than to represent it in Congress.


Over the past few years there’s been a growing need for Americans to unite, to find more common ground on issues that we can all get behind. Which is why I hope to create a coalition of Californian members in the House.


I’m blessed to have a family who supports my ambitions, and a wonderful son—whose future I am fighting for. I think about being the best version of myself for them every day—and promise that if you vote for me, I’ll strive to do the best I can to represent you and your family in Congress. 

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